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President Obama, Winning President: On Friday President Obama said that the United States “will respond proportionally” against North Korea for its cyberattacks on Sony Pictures, and criticized the studio for giving in to intimidation and pulling the satirical movie that provoked the attacks.

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Readers Choice: Brendan Gould – Winning Artist & Humanitarian

May, 2013 and Brendan Gould had just moved his company, Honor Guardianship Services, into their present location in Albuquerque’s North Valley. It was his first day there and he found himself in a nondescript stucco building just off the road where the historic El Camino Real once ran from Santa Fe to Mexico City. Brendan sighed as he surveyed his dank white walls inside the office complex and began to hang his paintings: a couple landscapes, a portrait, and an abstract piece. As he stood back to look at the paintings, his felt his tired eyes match those of the portrait he hadpositioned behind his desk, and a silent prayer ran through his mind that, above all, he might be able to make a difference. “Please, God, please, – help me make this work.”

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Celebrity Interview: Ray Kroc, Founder of McDonald’s

At age 52, when most people look toward retirement, Ray Kroc began McDonald’s, a big company that has remained the # 1 restaurant chain in the world for about half a century. Via his McDonald’s franchises, it is believed that he probably made multimillionaires of more people in a shorter time than any other person in modern history. In 1974, he purchased the San Diego Padres baseball franchise. He was, and his estate continues to be, a major philanthropist via the Kroc Foundation and the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund.

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Celebrity Interview: Ozzie Smith, Hall of Fame Shortstop, Fights Corporate Power

America is no longer a Democracy. It has become a Corporatocracy ruled by Multinational Corporations. 29 years ago, before the multinational corporations ascended into world rule, life was simpler. We only had to fight against local corporate greed. Our strongest weapon were unions who had the power to strike, to affect the corporate control, to force changes.

29 years ago, the Professional Baseball Players Union called for such a strike and one of the its most outspoken leaders was a young shortstop named Ozzie Smith. I had the honor of interviewing him in July, 1981. The following interview, reprinted from the Winners Hall of Fame, are the thoughts he shared with me ….

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Readers’ Choice: Orlando-Antonio Carrillo-Jimenez – What Drives Him?

“What really impacted my wanting to work with those who have no voice was that I had no voice.” Orlando-Antonio Carrillo-Jimenez used this harsh life lesson to propel him into an advocacy role in his tiny home community of La Mesa, New Mexico.

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Readers’ Choice: Madeline Robinson: Founder of Wheelchairs 4 Kids

It takes an extraordinary person to see beyond an impossible situation and to visualize amazing possibilities. That is exactly what Madeline Robinson of Tarpon Springs, Florida chose to do.
Robinson, no stranger to caring for the needs of others, is a loving wife and a doting mother and grandmother. Following in the footsteps of her humanitarian mother, Robinson became a Jaycee with the Junior Chamber of Commerce at the age of 21. This is where she learned to organize events for charities and held many positions in her 18 years of …

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Readers’ Choice: Laurie Willmott at Spirit Therapies – The Healing Power of Horses

Originally from Minnesota, Laurie grew up with a strong love for horses and children. She did not have her own horse until she was an adult but she had a dream that someday, somehow, she would be able to combine these two passions in such a way as to make a positive impact on the world.

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Bob Fouts : Like Father, Like Son?

What kind of attitudes does it take to be a winning parent, to raise five children into responsible adults, at least one of them as highly principled and accomplished as Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Fouts (San Diego Chargers)? To find the answer, I flew to San Francisco where Bob Fouts worked both as Public Relations Consultant to the Social Security Administration and as a Sportscaster for CBS. This article first appeared in Winners Magazine in the early 1980′s.

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Julie Ann Mills-Testi – Winner Against the Odds

Julie Ann has defied the odds to become an accomplished artist and a wonderful wife and mother. There’s nothing confined about artist Julie Ann Mills-Testi. Not her bold mouth brush strokes, her passion for “dancing” through her art or her…

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Readers’ Choice: Lynn Lynum, Survivor in Need — Success!

The story of my friend, Lynn Lynum, begins in High School when he was shot twice in the back in a drive-by shooting and was given three days to live. As he lay there dying, Lynn prayed that God would heal him. Shortly thereafter, he was released from the hospital.
The day Lynn graduated from High School his parents packed his bags and told him that he was a man now and had to provide for himself and that he had to find a job and his own place to live. “I did not like that they did this to me, but what could I do?” said Lynn. So at 18 with no place to live and no source of income or food, Lynn went to live with an Aunt for about a month until he could get into campus housing at Cal Poly Pomona, CA. Lynn was his Aunt’s favorite nephew and he credits the incident as a character building experience. “It made me what I am today, a man that can stand on his own.”

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